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Microbial products

Soil microbes, mobilized from organic and mineral soils, form important nutrients for plant growth and release or remove various vitamins, antibiotics and growth promoters into the soil, making microbial activity in the soil necessary for general conditioning processes. various physical and chemical processes responsible for the delivery of nutrients to plant roots. Soil bacteria have a big impact on overall soil productivity and crop quality. They fix atmospheric nitrogen, make difficult-to-reach dissolved nutrients such as phosphorus available, promote the mineralization of organic matter and accelerate the decomposition of plant or primary organic matter in the soil, affecting the soil formation process and soil properties.

Our collection comprises of unique micro organisms that can be used for seed dressing, soil and foliar application. We have a wide range of microbes that aid in nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization, potassium mobilization, zinc mobilization, sulphur mobilization, manganese mobilization, Trichoderma and Mycorrhiza.

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