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The natural energy booster for potatoes.

It contains extracts of wild plants, betaine, mannitol, a complex of nutrient elements.

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The product affects basic life processes, improves photosynthesis and respiration, and activates the natural resistance of plants to abiotic and biotic stress. PlantStim supports efficient utilization of nutrients within the plant. The plant enhancer also contributes to overall plant health, for example by increasing frost resistance, drought resistance or improving the regeneration of weakened plants


  • The ingredients stimulate early root development, improve nutrient uptake efficiency

  • Catalyzes processes that increase resistance to drought and salinity

  • Triggers self-defense against stress

  • Increasing - enhancing photosynthesis and stimulating effects on plants

What could be expected?

Potato tubers are more homogenous and bring more yield when planting material is treated with PlantStim.

Application dosage:

40 g/ 1 ton of potato tubes 


  • Spray treatment during planting: dissolve required amount of PlantStim in water and sprayed per ha on tubers during planting in a spray treatment procedure.

  • Spray treatment before planting: with ULV spray procedure, 40 g are dissolved in 1 L water and sprayed per ton potato tuber on treatment belt.

Results from trials:

1 trial

potato trials 2022.jpg
potato trials 2023.jpg

2 trial


Ask your distributor before mixing with plant protection products.

Nevertheless make a miscibility test before first application.

Storage & Handling

Read safety directions before use. Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Store safely at 5-30 ºC temperature. Seal lid/cap immediately after use. Keep away from children and animals. Empty bags are disposed of in compliance with legal requirements. Avoid inhalation of powders and aerosols. Environmentally friendly.

Package sizes

1kg, 5kg, 10kg.

Data sheets

Please contact us if you would like to get more information about product.

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