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P Freed

Organic fertilizer - biostimulant for soil application.
Specially selected species of the genus Bacillus. P Freed improves the efficiency of soil and fertilizer phophorous uptake. It grows on plant roots and makes less-available residual soil phosphate available for crop use.

Significant amounts of phosphate fertilizer become bound to soil particles and other elements. That means they are unvailable for crop use. P Freed is based on the naturally-occurring bacteria's. These bacterias grows along plant roots and release bound mineral forms of soil and fertilizer phosphate. That makes it more readily available for the plant to use.


  • Enhances the efficiency of soil and fertilizer P use. This product helps to free phosphate bound in soil and fertilizer, making it more available to the plant. Phosphate plays an important role in crop development and root growth.

  • Improves yield potential. This product can improve the yield potential of your crops by enhancing overall plant health and stress mitigation. It does this by increasing the availability of nutrients to plant roots.

  • Increases nutrient availability to encourage vigorous root growth and shoot development. This product encourages root growth and shoot development, which are important components of better crop health. It does this by increasing nutrient availabilty and uptake by the plant.  

  • Improves stress tolerance. This product can help to reduce the impact of stress on your crops during the growing season. It does this by making nutrients more available to the plants, which improves overall crop health.


0,1 Kg / ha 

P Freed is approved for ecological farming.

Please contact us if you would like to get information about product.

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