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Biomaxim seed
Organic fertilizer - biostimulant for seed treatment.
Specially selected species of the genus Bacillus and high concentrations of the beneficial soil fungus Trichoderma

Improving plant resilience to climate change and unlocking the genetic potential of plants are two of the most challenging areas of plant protection that are driving the increasing use of biostimulants - a new era of advanced protection. Biomaxim seed is an biological biostimulant designed to help plants realize their genetic potential for yield and reduce the effects of abiotic stress on plant health. Biomaxim seed ensures that plants are supplied with main nutrients and moisture, which are very important for plant health. 


  • ensures the continuous transfer of needful nutrients (N, P and K) for plants

  • produces plant growth hormones, enzymes and vitamins

  • accelerates the decomposition of harvest residues, straw and organic matter in soil

  • restores microbial activity in the soil

  • adjusts the value of soil response

  • stimulates roots growth



Biomaxim seed





Biomaxim seed


Seeds treatment 0,1 Kg / ton seeds of cereals.

Seeds treatment of other crops: it is necessary to spread with 10-20 grams of the product the amount of seeds that will be sown per ha.

Biomaxim Seed is approved for ecological farming.

The facts about our powerful Biomaxim seed:

  • Seed germination and growth.

  • Increases crop yield.

  • Easy to apply to seeds.

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable environment friendly, and ecologically safe.


Biomaxim seed’s plant growth-enhancing properties have been scientifically proven to greatly effect crop productivity by promoting several, often related actions, like greater root mass and lateral root growth, shoot and bud development, seed and pollen germination, pollen tube growth, chlorophyll output, and photosynthesis. These interactions at a cellular level lead to stronger, healthier plants, improved yields, and ultimately a better return for the farmer.

Seed Treatment:

Biomaxim seed for Seed treatment is highly effective as a direct seed dip for coating before planting. Seed coating is recommended at a rate of 10g/100kg of cereals seed; for other crops 10-20g/ seeds amount which will be sown per ha.

Root Soak

Bare roots from trees or plants can be soaked in a Biomaxim seed for seed treatment solution of 0.5-1% before plant out.

Seedling Tray Dip

Biomaxim seed can be used as a seedling tray dip. Immerse the seedling tray in a 1% solution or apply as a light hand-watering.

Reasons to apply Biomaxim seed for Seed Treatment in your process!

Not only does Biomaxim seed encourage the growth of the primary root tip, but the active ingredients also Biomaxim seed lateral root growth, resulting in a significant increase in overall root mass and surface area. The obvious benefits of this are increased water use efficiency and nutrient uptake, a more resilient plant in drought conditions, and a well-anchored plant in wind or storm conditions. As the roots develop they also interact with the microbes found in the surrounding soil that enable the free movement of minerals and nutrients into the root system. This has been scientifically proven in more than 60 field trials over the past several years.

  • Nutrient and Water Uptake

Through improved root development and vascular tissue growth, water, nutrients, sugar molecules, amino acids, and hormones can be transported through the plant more efficiently, ensuring the crop remains hydrated and nourished, ultimately ensuring an improved crop yield. This also ensures that the crop benefits fully from your usual fertilizer program, as more nutrients are taken up by the roots and absorbed by the plant more efficiently.

  • Plant Development

Plant cell division and leaf spread are improved, ensuring higher chlorophyll production resulting in a healthier plant.

  • Pollen Tube Development

Recent scientific studies clierly indicate the dramatic effect Biomaxim seed has on pollen grain germination and pollen tube elongation. The pollen grain germinates and the pollen tube develops much faster when treated with Biomaxim seed. This ultimately results in improved fruit set and crop yield.

  • Fruit and Berry Size

Biomaxim seed helps in the development of the plant’s root system and its vascular tissue which ultimately benefits fruit size through the provision of nutrients, minerals and essential compounds throughout the plant. Global trials and research indicate that the numerous natural bioactive compounds in Biomaxim seed  aid the plant’s endogenous biosynthetic pathways that then lead to increased fruit sizing and uniformity.

  • Fruit Colour

Fruit colour is an essential aspect of determining crop value. The active elements in Biomaxim seed indirectly assist the plant’s natural physiological processes, ensuring excellent fruit colour.

  • Resistance to Abiotic Stresses

Biomaxim seed provides a healthy root system, stronger stems and foliar growth, ensuring your plant will be more tolerant to abiotic stresses. Biomaxim seed application directly after a crop has experienced stress such as drought, frost, hail or flooding, also benefits the plant’s recovery.
After transplant and harvest, most crops will experience shock. Biomaxim seed application before or after these events will significantly improve re-establishment and ensure healthy reserves during dormancy.

  • Excellent Returns on Investment

Over many years of trials consistently show that the return on investment when using Biomaxim seed is significant, the extra value added to yield and quality of the crop far outweighing the cost.
While the farmer has to consider every additional expense incurred in order to remain profitable, the added security provided when using Biomaxim seed not only means that his crop will survive, but it will flourish, providing that much-needed profit.

Benefits of Biomaxim seed on Cereals/Maize

Biomaxim seed trials on various cereal crops show positive yield increases above control as well as several other benefits including: 

  • Improves drought resistance

  • Increases vigour of root and shoot growth 

  • Improves nutrient uptake 

  • Increases culm diameter and reduces lodging

  • Improves resistance during drought conditions 

  • Produces higher quality grain and yield


Biomaxim seed on Beans, Dry/Green & Lupins

Biomaxim seed trials on dry and green beans show increased yields: 

  • Increases root number and mass

  • Improves natural nutrient uptake

  • Increases overall plant growth

  • Increases number of pods per plant

  • Increases seed weight, yields and returns


Benefits of Biomaxim seed on Sunflower/Oilseed rape/Flax

Biomaxim seed increases plant‘s ability to explore a larger soil volume due to increased root density: 

  • Improves rooting

  • Improves drought resistance

  • Better plant vigour

  • Improves flowering

  • More first position fruit

  • Increases total boll count

  • Increases yield

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