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Organic fertilizers for seed treatment

MycoFungis a finely powdered, highly adherent arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum characterized by a high concentration of strong and robust endomycorrhizal strains. By spreading MycoFung F, these mycorrhizal fungi are introduced to the soil in a targeted manner, where they can form a symbiosis with the roots of the host plant. This has the advantage that not only the nutrient supply but also the water absorption capacity of the plant is improved. You can find detailed information about how it works on our Mycorrhiza info page.


 What benefit for you by using MycoFung:

  • Improve crop yield

  • Reduce fertilizer, compost and irrigation requirements

  • Increase plant durability under stress


Extension of the catchment area of ​​the roots through the formation of a distinctive hyphae network in the soil

Strengthening of soil life through exudation of mycorrhizal fungus

Improved water and nutrient uptake and water retention capacity

Higher availability of nutrients, especially phosphorus, zinc and copper, but also nitrogen

Yield protection, especially in stressful situations such as drought and heat

Healthier plants - more resistant to pathogen attack

Stabilization of the soil structure and thus an anti-erosion effect

100% naturally produced and can therefore also be used in organic farming




Active Substances: 10% Glomus intraradices 20 000 viable propagating units/g

Inactive ingredient: 90% talk






MycoFung is formulated in such a way that it can be mixed directly with the seed both in the seed box of the seeder and in a mixer. It is important to evenly distribute MycoFungon the plant seed to ensure homogeneous inoculation (inoculation) of the seed.


The application rate per 10 hectare is 120 g MycoFung.





It can be mixed with most nutrient solutions and pesticides.

Nevertheless make a miscibility test before first application.

Please contact us if you would like to get information about product.

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