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Ca-B hit

High bioavailability of boron and calcium. Calcium is the trucker of all minerals and boron is the steering wheel.

A premium liquid calcium product with innovative formulation to provide enhanced absorption capacity and bio-promotion. Boron, a proven calcium synergist, is also included in the formulation, along with nitrogen, trace elements, natural growth promotants and vitamin B12 (a growth promotant that has been shown to increase calcium uptake and bio-availability). Calcium plays a major role in the development of plant and fruit cell walls, especially during the cell division stage. Calcium plays a key role in protecting the cell from toxins and in slowing the ageing process. Adequate fruit calcium assists longer storage life and helps stored fruit resist a range of breakdown conditions and rots. The Ca-B hit system delivers calcium in a highly plant available complexed form. 


Total Calcium (Ca) 13.36%

Calcium (as nitrate) 13.33%

Calcium (as organic) 0.03%

Total Nitrogen (N) 11.71%

Nitrogen (as nitrate) 8.99%

Nitrogen (as organic) 2.72%

Boron (B) 0.43%



  • Calcium is the single most important nutrient in high-production agriculture and Ca-B hit provides rapidly absorbed liquid calcium.

  • Boron is directly involved in the translocation of sugars from the leaf to the roots. Half of these sugars are exuded into the root zone to feed beneficial microorganisms, i.e. boron has a direct biological link.

  • Best results are achieved from well-timed, multiple applications. In this context, all crops respond to calcium supplementation during the crop cycle.

  • Potential use of less water or improved performance of low-volume applications

  • Reduced spray drift

  • ​Increased deposition of chemical on the plant for the same chemical input

Use rates

Cereals: 0.5-1 L /ha at BBCH 20-50

Vegetables: 1 L per 100 L water up to 5 L/ha equivalent. Apply weekly throughout the season or as required

Ornamentals: 1 L per 100 L water up to 5 L/ha equivalent. Apply every 4 weeks or as required

Orchards & Vineyards: 1 L per 100 L water up to 7 L/ha equivalent. Apply just prior to flowering, repeat every 4 weeks or as required.

Home Garden Application: Dilute 30 mL per 9 L watering can and apply the diluted mix at a rate of 1 litre per square metre. Do not apply more than 6 times per year without demonstrated trace element requirement.


Shake or stir well before use. Where higher water rates are required for good foliar coverage, do not exceed maximum product rate per hectare. Sensitive foliage or plants should be test sprayed prior to full scale application. Frequencies are a guideline only and can be adjusted according to farm practices and/or in conjunction with crop monitoring. Ensure suitable spray conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity, wind- speed), prior to foliar application. Compatibility and/or performance cannot be guaranteed when combined with other products. Jar test for compatibility and spray test on small area before wide-spread use.

Storage & Handling

Read safety directions before use. Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. This product has been tested to store safely down to 5ºC. Crystallisation or sedimentation may occur below 5ºC. Do not pre-mix or store in diluted form. Seal lid/cap immediately after use.

Important Information

Not compatible with soluble phosphate or sulfate based inputs. Avoid spraying close to harvest if produce is susceptible to staining. Note: Product in 1000 L tanks may weigh over 1 tonne. Forklift with 2 tonne lifting capacity is recommended.

Package sizes

1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 200L, 1000L

Data sheets

Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.

Please contact us for further details.

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